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CEO Contract

In the interest of full transparency, the Learning Community provides public access to the CEO Contract as approved at a public meeting on April 21, 2016. This is an original contract containing the employment agreement publicly approved by the Coordinating Council. There are no other benefits and compensation to the CEO aside from those stipulated in the contract.

Policies & Bylaws

The Learning Community and its Coordinating Council are governed by approved Policies and Procedures and Bylaws. If you have a question about operations or the Council, you may find the answer here.

Diversity Plan

The Diversity Plan goal is to increase socioeconomic diversity annually in each Learning Community school and grade until enrollment reflects average socioeconomic diversity of the Learning Community school districts.

Preparing future teachers

With future teachers like Loyita Lessley, the Early Childhood Partnership in North Omaha challenges the opportunity gap. READ

Taking action 


Omaha World-Herald reporter Erin Grace shows you how Family Literacy is helping families and taking action in South Omaha. READ

Our Programs

Programs for families and children are improving student achievement. See how taxpayers are helping students who need us the most. PROGRAMS

Open Enrollment
Key Dates

March 15
Deadline to apply
April 5
Districts notify families
April 25 
Last day to accept 

Meet the Council

Every school district is part of a Learning Community subcouncil. Find your representative here.

Getting Results

Our latest program evaluations show that taxpayers are getting a strong return on their investment.