Building Pathways for Student Success

Superintendents’ Early
Childhood Education Plan

a. Birth through Grade 3 Approach
b. Professional Development for All
c. Customized Assistance Partnerships

Learning Community: Increased Family Engagement and Early Childhood
Education in concentrated poverty
a. Family Learning
b. Early Childhood & Parent University
c. Childcare Director Training
d. Future Teacher Training


GOALS: Improved Student Attendance

a. Community Outreach and Education
b. Child-Family Intervention

MOEC: Collective Impact Plan Development

a. Students enter kindergarten ready
for school
b. Students graduate from high school
prepared for postsecondary and
career success.
c. Students successfully transition to
postsecondary education
d. Students complete postsecondary
experiences prepared for career success

Council Meeting

You're always welcome at council meetings held at the Learning Community Center of North Omaha. Our next meeting is Thursday June 21st CALENDAR

Early Childhood Research

Browse through helpful early childhood research for a better understanding of why it matter so much for children in poverty. MORE

Meet the Council

Every school district is part of a Learning Community subcouncil. Find your representative here.

Our School Districts

With 11 member school districts, we really can "share our learning."