Childcare Training in North Omaha

Community childcare centers are part of birth to 8 strategy

Most babies and toddlers with a working parent spend three-quarters of their waking hours in childcare. Coaching childcare providers to support early learning is a powerful way to help children, starting when they’re babies! 

A child's brain develops most rapidly in the first years of life. That's why it's so important for kids to interact and learn from parents, family and caring adults. 

A child's genetics and experiences work together to shape brain development, establishing either a sturdy or fragile foundation for lifetime learning, health and behavior. Watch this video from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University to learn how experiences build a child's brain connections and the ability to learn in school.


Starting early

Childcare training is an important part of the Early Childhood Partnership in North Omaha. We're working with the experts to provide free training for neighborhood childcare centers.

The staff in these centers want to help kids do better in elementary school, but training is not always affordable. They're excited to learn new ways to help children get a great start in school. With training, center staff can have a positive impact on hundreds of children.

Tammy Taylor is excited to be part of childcare training in North Omaha. Like other directors in the program, she cares about kids and wants to learn everything she can to make sure they succeed in elementary school. The new program, supported by the Learning Community, is already making a difference. READ

Classroom Resources 

We welcome program providers to the Learning Community Center of North Omaha. Our Family Resource center is stocked with learning materials and supplies to help directors make learning active and fun. In addition to supplies, childcare providers can check out books and learning kits to use in their classrooms.

Future Teachers

In clinical teaching sites, college students learn to teach in early childhood classrooms with guidance from experienced faculty.


Parent University

We're working with the families and the caring adults around every child. They want to be sure their kids love learning! MORE

Teaching Teams

Teachers, family liaisons and paraprofessionals work together to help kids make daily improvements in learning. MORE

Our Results

The Learning Community is making a difference in student achievement. See a summary of our programs and results.