Parent University Team

For the families who have children in our early childhood classes, family engagement means Parent University. With adult classes, support and resources, we can make a difference in a child's education. 

Jamalia Parker
Director of Family Engagement Services


Debra Paris
Youth Library Specialist
Omaha Public Library 

Tameshia Harris 
Program Coordinator


Kari Fritchmen

Jessie Star 
Family Support Worker

Laura Contreras
Family Liaison
Lutheran Family Services 

Jazmine Jackson
Educational Navigator


Bright Homawoo
Educational Navigator 

Nikki Diagre
Family Liaison 
Lutheran Family Services

Andrea Foster 
Educational Navigator


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Parent University

We're working with the families and the caring adults around every child. They want to be sure their kids love learning! MORE

Future Teachers

In clinical teaching sites, college students learn to teach in early childhood classrooms with guidance from experienced faculty.


Childcare Training

Coaching childcare providers to support early learning is a powerful way to help children, starting when they’re babies.


Teaching Teams

Teachers, family liaisons and paraprofessionals work together to help kids make daily improvements in learning. MORE