Parent University

Families are Key to Early Learning

Here at the Learning Community Center of North Omaha, we believe parents and families make the difference in a child's education. 

Parent University is a new way to help families and children succeed together. 

Innovative strategies help families support learning at home and in school.


Two-Way Learning

A demonstration partnership like this is all about two-way learning. Our families are teaching us as much as we're teaching them.

They're here taking classes days, nights and weekends to help their children in school. How?

Parent University Classes

  • Help families connect to local schools
  • Instill a love of learning starting at birth
  • Build positive family behaviors

Director of Family Engagement Services Jamalia Parker helps parents identify how to best support their child's education.

Questions about Parent University? Email Jamalia or call 402-964-2585 to share your thoughts.


Four Strands for Success

Parent University membership now includes families living in six school attendance areas surrounding our community center. Our classes welcome families with children up to 8 years old. Every class we offer contributes to a child's success in school. With four different program strands, parents have lots of choices and we're always adding new courses. 

Every parent wants to do a better job. It helps to understand how a child develops and learns. In classes and workshops, our families learn to build stronger relationships with their children as they grow and develop. 


Language, literacy, employment – these are important issues for family stability. We know how much this matters to a child's sense of safety and security for early learning. 


Many families want to be involved in their local schools but feel unsure. We show parents how to connect and let children know that education is valued. 


Families learn to be leaders in their school and community. When parents get active, kids do the same. 

Future Teachers

In clinical teaching sites, college students learn to teach in early childhood classrooms with guidance from experienced faculty.


Teaching Teams

Teachers, family liaisons and paraprofessionals work together to help kids make daily improvements in learning. MORE

Childcare Training

Coaching childcare providers to support early learning is a powerful way to help children, starting when they’re babies.


Getting Results

Our latest program evaluations show that taxpayers are getting a strong return on their investment.