Their future. Our future.

Sharing What Works

Helping South Omaha parents help their kids

In the Learning Community Center of South Omaha, Latino parents and children are demonstrating consistent success. Three years of independent evaluations confirm our program has strong impact. Our first school community to adapt the program is Gateway Elementary.

Why help families?

  Their Future. Our Future.

 1 out of 3

• By 4th grade, nearly 1 of 3 Latino children don't meet standards for basic reading.
• By 11th grade, more than half Latino youth in the metro area aren't proficient readers.
• Research shows when a parent takes at least 1 year of English, scores go up by as much as 10 points.


Sharing her hope

Norma & son

Norma Martinez never dreamed her kids would attend college until she completed classes at the Learning Community Center of South Omaha. Norma does everything she can to make sure her children succeed in school.  READ

English for Parents

Instructors focus on the English that's most important to the parent's role in their child's education.


Navigator Coaching

Educational Navigators follow parents' progress and help them integrate new skills into everyday life.


Families in Crisis

Family setbacks can interfere with learning. That’s why family liaisons are specially trained to step in and help the whole family.


Gateway Elementary

This is the first Omaha metro school to work with the Learning Community team to adapt the Family Learning program for a school community. MORE