Community programs in South Omaha

Working together to help kids succed in school

We have a strong sense of community in South Omaha. Thanks to generous community organizations, the Learning Community Center of South Omaha offers families new experiences that help children do better in school.



Reading together - When parents and children read together, a child's chances of succeeding in school are much higher. Our families learn to make reading at home part of their daily routines. It's always a special day when new classes visit the Omaha Public Library for the first time. We encourage families to get a library card and use it often. The Omaha Public Library teaches the Every Child Ready To Read class and distributes books and prizes to families who complete the Summer Reading Program.


VNA_logo_2.pngEating for learning - 
Putting healthy meals on the table every day can be difficult but that's what children need for healthy learning. In Cooking Matters classes, the Visiting Nurse Association teaches our parents how to stretch their food budgets without giving up good nutrition. Our families get great tips on selecting affordable foods and everyone enjoys cooking healthy together! Thank you to all the generous sponsors. Watch our class in the news.


CSI_logo.pngHealthy behaviors - Sometimes when children act out, parents aren't sure how to encourage something different. KidSquad helps our families teach the kinds of behaviors, social and emotional skills that lead to better learning in school. When parents know how to help, they see their children improve. Families learn to help children solve problems, build friendships and deal with stress. Thanks to KidSquad, parents really enjoy discovering new ways to help their children succeed in elementary school.


OCM_logoV_bluegreen_RGB.jpgLearning through music - 
Our parents of preschoolers are excited Violin Sprouts is part of our center. We know music education is proven to strengthen the development that fuels early learning. These violin classes for 3- and 4-year-olds are great preparation for kindergarten. The free music lessons, which parents and children attend together, include a violin to bring home. We are grateful to be one of only five Violin Sprouts programs in the Omaha metro area. The class is provided by the Omaha Conservatory of Music. Read Darlin's story.

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English for Parents

Instructors focus on the English that's most important to the parent's role in their child's education.


Navigator Coaching

Educational Navigators follow parents' progress and help them integrate new skills into everyday life.


Families in Crisis

Family setbacks can interfere with learning. That’s why family liaisons are specially trained to step in and help the whole family.


Gateway Elementary

This is the first Omaha metro school to work with the Learning Community team to adapt the Family Learning program for a school community. MORE