Navigator Coaching

Making classroom skills work

It's hard work to make new skills part of family life. Our Educational Navigators help parents connect Family Learning classes with the real world.

Navigators follow our families' progress and help them integrate new skills into everyday life. With home visits and personal support, our families turn activities that could be intimidating into great family opportunities.

Here is just a sampling of common questions from our parents:

  • How do I stay involved with schoolwork when I'm working a night shift and my wife/husband is home with the kids?
  • How do we get more involved in our child’s school?
  • How can I help when my child is having problems with schoolwork? 

What happens when our families let us know about problems or concerns? Our navigators create lesson plans or arrange a special class. Their support builds parents’ confidence.

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An educational navigator joins a family at the kitchen table. Everyone enjoys practicing new reading skills.

Educational Navigators work one-on-one with parents. They encourage our parents to use new skills so that their children succeed in school. Meet all our navigators.

English for Parents

Instructors focus on the English that's most important to the parent's role in their child's education.


Our Results

The Learning Community is making a difference in student achievement. See a summary of our programs and results.

Families in Crisis

Family setbacks can interfere with learning. That’s why family liaisons are specially trained to step in and help the whole family.


Our Story

The former Omaha Public Library in South Omaha turns the page to a new story for families helping their children succeed in school. VIDEO