Learning Community Center of North Omaha

Early Childhood & Family Engagement 

Our Purpose

We're sharing what works in a small cluster of Omaha neighborhoods around Kellom and Conestoga elementary schools. Our goal is a proven network of programs that support children and families facing significant poverty and educational challenges. What we learn from our research-based programs will help families and children succeed in school across the Omaha metro area. 

Continuous Improvement

In its second year of independent UNMC evaluations, this program shows strong, successful results. Stronger outcomes are driven the expectation that programs getting better.

Impact Measures

- Quality implementation process
- School readiness
- Proficiency goals 
- Monitor NeSA scores through graduation

Challenging Poverty

Many children living in concentrated poverty start school two or more years behind in learning. Our program helps families and students succeed and challenge the impact of extreme poverty. 

Brief Partnership History

Aug. 2013  Kellom-Conestoga preschool classes start

Aug. 2014  Childcare training begins

Oct. 2014  MCC clinical teaching classes start 

Dec. 2014  Educare infant/toddler classrooms open 

Jan. 2015  Community center opens as infant-toddler clinical teaching site

Mar. 2015  Parent University classes begin

Jan. 2017 Selected to join the Aspen Institute Ascend Two-Generation Partnership Network 

Early Childhood Partnership

Our partnership team in North Omaha is focused on a comprehensive mix of research-based early childhood education and family engagement outreach. By merging our resources for greater impact, we aim for the proven programs and practices needed throughout the Learning Community.  

Learning Community Center of North Omaha

Community Center

- Infant & Toddler Classes
- Parent University Classes
- Clinical Teaching Site
- Family Resource Center
- Family Support                                                                                                                                                           


OPS Kellom-Conestoga

- Preschool Classes
- Parent University Classes
- Clinical Teaching Site 
- Educator Coaching
- Family Support

Parent University engages families who have children in our classrooms to become involved and active in their child's education. These preschool and infant-toddler classrooms are also clinical sites to prepare college students to be effective, understanding teachers. 


Early Childhood Education

8 Preschool Classrooms
2 Infant & Toddler Classrooms
Parent University Family Classes
2 Clinical Teaching Sites
Childcare Training


David Patton 
Chief Executive Officer

Renee Franklin
Executive Director, Elementary Learning Centers

Jamalia L. Parker, MSW
Director of Family Engagement Services
Learning Community Center of North Omaha
(402) 964-2585  

Nicole Looper
Early Childhood Program Specialist
Kellom-Conestoga Campus
(402) 578-8905

News & Information

Loretta Carroll
Office: 402-393-2991
Cell: 402-871-3710

Evaluation & Research

Interdisciplinary Center for Program Evaluation
Munroe-Meyer Institute
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Early Childhood Partnership

Omaha Public Schools
Omaha Public Library 
Metropolitan Community College 
Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative
Learning Community

Learning Community Administrative Offices and Community Center

1612 N. 24th Street 
Omaha, NE 68110 



Getting Results

Our latest program evaluations show that taxpayers are getting a strong return on their investment.