Coordinating Council approves first Community Achievement Plan

December 16, 2016

 The Learning Community Coordinating Council approved a first of its kind Community Achievement Plan Thursday December 15. The three-year plan lays out a collaborative approach to improve student achievement and learning opportunities across all eleven school districts.

 The Community Achievement Plan (CAP) approved by the Learning Community Coordinating Council reflects unprecedented agreement. The Learning Community, 11-member school districts and Educational Service Units collaborated around the primary obstacles to learning faced by children and families in the Omaha metro area. The CAP vision for exceptional education hinges on partnerships with family, school and community.

 The plan is a result of legislative bill LB1067 which eliminates the Common Levy tax structure at the end of this school year. The CAP’S broad mandate builds on increasing collaboration in the Learning Community and sharing best practices across school district boundaries.

 Key Areas of CAP Collaboration

  • Superintendents’ Early Childhood Plan in partnership with Buffett Early Childhood Institute and Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties
  • Greater Omaha Attendance and Learning Services Center (GOALS)
  • Learning Community centers in North and South Omaha
  • Metropolitan Omaha Education Consortium(MOEC) Collective Impact Plan 

Learning Community CEO David Patton says the CAP process took months of work with every school district and ESU participating. He expects more community organizations with expertise in the social, emotional and educational needs of children starting at birth to become involved. Patton added, “We’re still in the very early stages, but everyone agrees that the Community Achievement Plan is going to be responsive, with clear expectations for continuous improvement.”

After the Nebraska Department of Education reviews the plan, it goes to the State Board of Education in March.


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