Measure. Improve. Improve more. 

What does success mean? We think it means results.  

With the UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute research partnership, we are working to precisely define educational strategies that will make a lasting difference. We're proud of our children and families! Our latest evaluation shows they're making gains, right along with our teaching teams. See our results summary.

Improvement Never Stops

Our UNMC program evaluators do more than measure program impact. UNMC evaluators help us define the keys to success and continue raising the bar so that children and families get the powerful programs they need.

Evaluations are a great resource for our teaching teams that give them the real-time feedback they need to improve programs without delay. The continuous improvement approach allows us to focus our efforts on the best results for kids. It’s a different approach and we believe in it.


Aiming for Success

Once programs show consistent merit after rigorous evaluation, we scale them up for more intensive review. Program evaluators use respected rating scales in education to measure educational impact.

Our Results

The Learning Community is making a difference in student achievement. See a summary of our programs and results.

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