Early Childhood Partnership

Making childcare count in North Omaha


It’s story time, and the teacher asks, “What does ‘fancy’ mean?” Small hands shoot up to respond.

“It means cute.”

Another child says, “Fancy means it’s really nice.”

Step into the classrooms at Children Are First, a childcare center co-owned by Tammy Taylor and Lawanda Buck. Teachers here are learning new skills to help children. The idea is to improve kids’ early vocabulary, number sense, social skills, and more – so they’re ready for kindergarten.

The Early Childhood Partnership members know childcare providers can make a big difference in early learning, starting at birth. That’s why the Learning Community now provides training for childcare directors, who then bring new skills back to their centers. The centers are clustered around Kellom and Conestoga elementary schools, where teaching teams also prepare 3-and 4-year-olds to be successful learners.

Childcare providers, like Tammy and Lawanda, are an important part of the expanding Early Childhood Partnership in North Omaha. The partnership focuses on the caring adults who can make a powerful difference for kids. Research shows consistent early childhood education, from birth to age 8, is the best way to improve educational outcomes. 


Why childcare provider training?

Tammy is passionate about helping kids get ready for kindergarten. Training is not something she could afford on her own, so she’s excited for the opportunity. She works directly with her team and can already see her teachers having greater success helping kids be involved in learning.

The group training sessions are off to a great start. Directors are already doing great things for kids and families. The training helps them do even better.

Roger_Holthaus_9-24-12_.jpg“As a Council, we believe investing in childcare provider training will improve educational outcomes for children. Quality childcare is essential to make early learning count.”

– Roger Holthaus, Learning Community Coordinating Council, Subcouncil 2

Parent University

We're working with the families and the caring adults around every child. They want to be sure their kids love learning! MORE

Childcare Training

Coaching childcare providers to support early learning is a powerful way to help children, starting when they’re babies.


Teaching Teams

Teachers, family liaisons and paraprofessionals work together to help kids make daily improvements in learning. MORE

Future Teachers

In clinical teaching sites, college students learn to teach in early childhood classrooms with guidance from experienced faculty.