Family Learning in South Omaha

A powerful community partnership


Four-year-old Darlin likes the sounds she can make with her new violin. She is having fun, but these violin classes will help her do even better in school.

Learning music together

Darlin and her mother, Fabiola, love this time together.

The new Violin Sprouts classes at the Learning Community Center of South Omaha are provided by the Omaha Conservatory of Music. Fabiola attends every class with her daughter and encourages a practice routine at home.

After just a month of classes, Darlin already knows proper posture and is starting to play beginner-level music composed just for her class.

Making a difference

LCCSO_Muriel_01_2.jpg"Sit up nice and straight."

The room is filled with 3-and 4-year olds and their parents. Muriel Huckins Keck (left) gives the signal that it’s time to begin class. Muriel is an experienced violin teacher who understands how music education positively impacts a child's early learning.

Research links music education to stronger brain development in young children and plays a big role in helping kids succeed in school. Darlin and her classmates are also developing stronger motor skills and learning to pay attention in class.

The Omaha Conservatory of Music believes education is key to challenging the impact of poverty. This ties directly to the Learning Community’s vision to help children “achieve academic success without regard to social or economic circumstance.” 


Omaha Conservatory of Music executive director Ruth Meints (right) is excited to bring the classes to Learning Community families.

“A big part of Violin Sprouts is reaching out to areas of the community that might not have the same music education opportunities," Ruth says. "The Learning Community Center of South Omaha is a great fit for our program.”

Community Programs


“Our community partners in South Omaha are making a successful program even better. In the end, we're all working together to make sure children succeed in school.”

– John Synowiecki

Learning Community Coordinating Council and Subcouncil 5


English for Parents

Instructors focus on the English that's most important to the parent's role in their child's education.


Navigator Coaching

Educational Navigators follow parents' progress and help them integrate new skills into everyday life.


Families in Crisis

Family setbacks can interfere with learning. That’s why family liaisons are specially trained to step in and help the whole family.


Gateway Elementary

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