Sharing her hope

Norma tells her story 


Until Norma Martinez joined classes at the Learning Community Center of South Omaha, she never dreamed her children could go to college. 

While taking Family Learning classes at the Learning Community Center of South Omaha, Norma learned new ways to help her children get better grades and become strong readers. English classes helped Norma read notes from teachers, help with homework and read daily to her children. Through workshops at the Center, parents like Norma are learning to build relationships with teachers.

Learning Community educational navigators make home visits to help parents use their new skills. Norma now sets up daily routines with clear goals for her children. The extra support from navigators and her fellow classmates makes all the difference. 

When Norma talks about reading stories to her children in English, she is proud of her role in her children's future. 

"I want to learn more so that my children can go to the university,” Norma says, smiling. 



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